Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer

Select between Mainnet and Testnet blockchain explorers on the top left of the explorer dashboard.

The Beam Foundation and Beam development team are committed to creating a private and fully transparent cryptocurrency. Beam offers users peace of mind in knowing their data is secure and will not wind up in a data leak and the confidence of knowing that every block recorded on the blockchain is legitimate.

The search bar allows you to filter your block searches by height, hash, or kernel id of the transaction within a specific block.

The main dashboard displays different charts: current average block creation time (red), block difficulty (pink), and the average transaction fee (green).

Above the charts, the current status of the blockchain displays four segments that include the following metrics:

  • Blockchain Height: the current height of the blockchain‌.
  • Latest block: the creation time of the last block.
  • Latest block difficulty: the mining difficulty of the last block.
  • Coins in circulation (mined): how many Beams coined currently mined (so far).
  • Coins in circulation (treasury): how many minted treasury coins currently in circulation.
  • Total coins in circulation: the total amount of treasury and mined Beam coins currently in circulation.
  • Next treasury emission block height: the block height of the next treasury emission.
  • Next treasury emission coin amount: the amount of treasury coins that will release during next emission schedule.
  • Total emission: maximum amount of Beam that will ever exist (set to 262,800,000).
  • Hashrate: current hashrate of the system (in Sol / sec) calculated as difficulty / 60‌

Scrolling down past the chart and blockchain metrics takes until you reach two tabs: "Blocks" and Atomic Swap offers.


The "blocks" tab contains a comprehensive list of the most recent blocks added to the Beam blockchain.

Select a hash id to view more details about that specific block.

Atomic Swap Offers

Displays as list of active atomic swap offers.